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Forming the mindset and working habits that will last for a lifetime

The ages between 7-13 years is an exciting - and sometimes even scary - time for a child to test what independence feels like. This is the age when the child establishes mindsets, habits, and behaviors for lifelong learning. This is the critical age to lay the foundation for a healthy lifestyle and love for learning.

Our program and facilities

Our programs and facilities are designed to get children excited about learning and reveal their true potential. We offer high-quality hands-on learning through student-centered discovery. This is implemented with phenomenon-based learning, using real-world connections. Our community provides a nurturing environment, with an expectation of a high level of achievement. Most of the learning will be done through activities and play in small and large groups to ensure a stress-free and personalized learning journey.

Our teaching is fully bilingual or English for expatriate children. The aim is to support the language that is more natural from home. We aim to nurture and foster the child’s linguistic development with age-appropriate literature and methods. 

NOLA Homeschooling program

We offer online and 3-day programs for ages between 7-13 years. Our PKBM Homeschooling program can be completed either online or 3-days contact teaching in our Klampis learning center. The program leads to a full completion of PKBM homeschooling. Our program is based on the standard of the education system in Finland, which is widely recognized as one of the best in the world. The competences required in the Indonesian K13 curriculum are completed as a byproduct.

We use the best methods and products from Finland and the world to ensure the quality of implementation.