EDUTEN | Finland Math Club


6-15 years | Early Schoolers & Middle School



 The Finland Math gets children excited about
learning and reveals their true potential!

Providing Math skills are an
important foundation for any successful career

 Every child is unique with their own strengths and weaknesses. Toddlers learn to walk and talk at different ages and mathematics is It is crucial to use methods that are the best fit for students’ learning styles and preferences.

Math is an excellent example of a skill where practice makes perfect.
To be able to practice meaningfully, proper feedback is required.

Learning how to learn is probably one of the most important 21st-century skills.
Children need to be able to think for themselves instead of repeating something without using their own brain. 
Children with a growth mindset are able to try new challenges, learn from their mistakes,
and handle study stress better. A skill that is highly valuable in the future career.

Finland Math

In Finland Math, the goal is to avoid superficial learning such as learning for exams only. Deep understanding and creative problem solving require a solid base to build upon and learning strategies that focus on learning at different levels of cognitive, affective, and sensory domains - not just drilling. When done right, creative problem solving enables students to confidently overcome unexpected challenges. Finland Math aims to build the right attitude in their students. 

Finland Math is a pedagogical concept by Eduten Ltd. Eduten is a spin-off from the University of Turku, one of Finland’s oldest and largest universities. Eduten Playground is a research-based digital learning platform. Its AI-enhanced learning analytics offers automated feedback and helps to pinpoint the students with the most urgent need for help.

Eduten Playground comes with a ready made math exercise library that includes more than 17,000 gamified exercises with more than 300,000 tasks. Diverse and pedagogically effective exercises keep students motivated by providing up to 8 times more calculations compared to pen & paper. The exercises have been co-designed with hundreds of Finnish teachers, and are continuously updated and perfected for an impeccable pedagogical impact.

The Finland Math Club

The Eduten Finland Math Club is for children between ages 6-15. Math Club has one weekly lesson with interactive exercises either online or in our learning center. Each grade has its own course, and each course includes one lesson for each week of the year. Each lesson introduces a new theme and every participant is expected to achieve at least one new trophy every week to ensure their progress.

Each theme includes a certain amount of weekly tasks to be completed at home between the lessons. Each of theme is supported by the huge amount of varying exercise types and games (150+). AI and  our qualified teachers set up for each student challenges matching their level of their current development. Both students and their parents receive regular reports for their progress by the automatic assessment, world’s best learning analytics and automatic misconception detection in the Eduten Playground platform.